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Friends of Lake Farm Centre are invited to enter the first Virtual Lake Farm Centre Charity Run & Ride event.

This event is a 5km walk and/or ride of 5km | 10km | 25km | 50km | 75km | 100km over the fundraising weekend, from 8am on Saturday, 29 May, to 12 noon on Sunday, May 30, for a donation of R100.

Great Prizes to be won! This year all entrants will be emailed a unique virtual race number confirming participation. So remember to keep your email confirming your virtual entry number to redeem your prize if you’re a winner.

Share photos to our gallery page of you, your friends and family walking, running or riding in support of Lake Farm Centre and you could win one of our fabulous prizes.

All entrants will receive a facebook filter to add over their profile pic to promote their support of the event as well as a digital Finish Badge to share over the event weekend.

Please adhere to social distancing regulations and stay safe.



Entries opened on Thursday, 25 February at 08:00 for the 2021 Virtual Lake Farm Centre Charity Run & Ride.

As much as we love the fun of the annual Charity Run & Ride at Lake Farm Centre, we have decided, due to COVID-19 challenges, to rather keep our participants, organisers, and our Lake Farm Centre residents safe.  We wish to invite friends of Lake Farm Centre to walk or ride safely from their homes – wherever they are in the world – to continue to support Lake Farm Centre.

You walk at your own pace and route for five kilometres from any location you choose anytime between 08:00 on Saturday, 29 May and 12 noon on Sunday, 30 May 2021.

Lake Farm Centre (LFC) will celebrate the 61st anniversary of their loving home and workplace for 90 intellectually challenged residents.  With your support we plan to celebrate our 26th annual Charity Run & Ride event VIRTUALLY in 2021.

LFC employs 49 staff members at our centre to make sure that we have the 24-hour support and care at our centre. We provide 10 separate work groups where residents can make valuable contributions to the running and upkeep of the centre. The occupational therapy workgroups and classes include the maintenance group, RTR-literacy and art project, vegetable farming, home industries, pottery, bakery, embroidery, recycling/carpets, and other crafts. The centre runs a coffee and craft, 2nd handbook and charity shop over weekends. We have an extremely popular music band which is available for performances at functions. We welcome schools, students, and visitors from the community to benefit from volunteer and internship opportunities or to just visit our centre.

Our growing needs:  We have about 14-28 residents who are financially dependent on the centre and more becoming dependent on our charity. About 35 of our 90 residents are intellectually and physically challenged and frail and therefore require the centre to employs more caregivers in line with the statutory minimum standards to cope with frail care over the past few years. The centre has the challenge to make ends meet within the very tough fundraising industry, slow economy and requires maintenance and replacements of old machinery, vehicles, buildings, and equipment. We have started with the installations of solar electrical systems and other cost saving systems. Our home shows a growing operational deficit and would like to maintain our standards of care with the help of our quality staff, friends, and sponsors.

Your support will make a difference: We plan to expand our cost-saving and fundraising initiatives. Donations and sponsorships will help to expand our PV solar electrical and rainwater water saving systems to make us more independent from municipal supply. Donations for our orphaned residents will help to cover the shortfall of about R3500 p.m. for their comprehensive care not covered by state pensions and funding.

On behalf of each resident, the committee, and staff members of Lake Farm, we would like to extend a heart-warming thank you for your support of the first VIRTUAL Charity Run & Ride weekend.

It is a 5km walk or run and/or ride of 5km |10km | 25km | 50km | 75km |100km.

Walk wherever you are. You can walk in your neighbourhood or in a safe, socially distanced space anytime between 08:00 on Saturday, 29 May and 12 noon on Sunday, 30 May 2021. (Government lockdown regulations apply)

Ride wherever you are. You can walk in your neighbourhood or in in a safe, socially distanced space anytime between 08:00 on Saturday, 29 May and 12 noon on Sunday, 30 May 2021. (Government lockdown regulations apply).

Walk/run or Ride in your neighbourhood or in a safe, socially distance space ANYTIME between 08:00 on Saturday, 29 May and 12 noon on Sunday, 30 May 2021. (Government lockdown regulations apply).

Entries cost R100 per person.

No. We have made it easy for you to enter remotely and safely.  Simply purchase your ticket online using the Dream Events platform.

Lucky draw prizes will be drawn from the entrants’ virtual race numbers. Winners will be announced online and contacted telephonically to arrange prize collection.


1. All entrants must enter online and register for the event. Virtual Lake Farm Centre Charity Run & Ride which will take place from 08:00 on Saturday, 29 May until 12 noon on Sunday, 30 May 2021.
2. Online entries close at midnight on Friday, 28 May 2021. No physical registration will take place.
3. Virtual race numbers will be provided this year.
4. All entrants enter the event at their own risk and are required to follow Government regulations under the respective lockdown rules.
5. Lake Farm Centre is the exclusive beneficiary of this fundraising virtual event.
6. Should the event be cancelled due to circumstances beyond the organisers or sponsors control, NO REFUND of the entry fee will be issued.
7. Spot prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the sponsors. Lucky draws will take place prior and throughout the weekend and announced online. Your Virtual race number is your entry into the lucky draw. Entrants will be contacted after the walk to arrange collection.
8. Enter online at:
9. Credit and select debit cards will be accepted for online entries.
10. Please email for any further queries.

Event Details

Date: 29 May 2021 to 30 May 2021
Time: 08:00 – 12:00 (Saturday to Sunday)
Cost: R100 per ticket
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